Spread betting examples from an NFL Game

I was a Spread Better for the first time when I bet on an NFL game 7 or 8 years ago. I liked the Chargers (-3) at home against Redskins. Already placed $100 on my standard online Sports Book (minus $110 to Win $100). I placed $25 on the Chargers at +3 points. The Chargers had a slow offense, and I knew that the Chargers had a great defense. This was 3 weeks into the NFL season. Spread Betting allows you to either ‘BUY’ or ‘SELL” the favorite team.

The online spread betting site was listed at Chargers/Redskins — SELL 1— BUY 3. This means you can either take the favorite at 3 or SELL favorite 1 at 1, which is betting Redskins at plus one point.

With great defense, the Chargers won easily. The final score was 24-3 with the Skins’ offense again being slow. With my regular Sports Books, I won $100. But with my Spread Bet of $250, I won $500. It was pretty cool! Spread difference was 21 points (24 minus 3 = 21). daftar sbobet My account was limited to 20 points. The cap limits the amount that can be added or subtracted from your account. It is limited to a maximum of $20,000. To minimize risk, this was an option that I chose. This was a lot more exciting than a straight bet for even money without the vig.

What was the risk in this bet? I would have lost $500 if the Redskins had won 24 to 3. Given each team’s strengths and weaknesses, I knew this was unlikely. Washington was not going to win by 20 points against a San Diego team that is superior to them from the east coast. How many times have you seen a superior team win by these scores —- 21-3, 24 to 10, 27, to 17, etc ….

My risk was not too high. Let’s say the Redskins won by three to seven points. If the Skins win by 4 points and I lay 3 points, I will lose 7x my money ($25 x 7, $175 loss). The upside of the game was more appealing to me than its downside. The basis for picking any picks is still old-fashioned handicapping skills. My expertise was recognized and rewarded in a way I never expected.

Spread Bet Calculations

Chargers by 3 Points ——- 3 Minute 3 = 0
Chargers: 7 points ——–7 minus 3. = 4 (win 4X your bet).
Chargers: 13 points ——13 minus 3. = 10 (win 10x your bet).
Chargers: 17 points —— 17 minus 3, = 14 (win 14x your bet).

Redskins: 1 point ——-3 plus 1 = 4 (win four X your wager)
Redskins win by 4 points —— 3. Plus 4 = 7 (win 7X your bet).
Redskins win by 10 points —–3 and 10 = 13 (win 13x your bet).

OVER/UNDER was 38 Points

If you bet Over 38 —- you lost 11 X your bet. Total points were 27 (24 to 3).
If you bet Under 38 —- you won 11 X your bet. You can win $275 with a $25 bet

Spread Betting offers many different options. This unique format can be difficult to understand and take several weeks or even months. This is the most complex, exciting and rewarding piece of betting software that I have ever used. It is also far more user-friendly than the standard Sports Books. It is comparable to the PROP bets in playoff games and the Super Bowl. It is more complex and creative than any other available. This type of betting requires more research and time. The software’s flexibility and creative input will amaze you. It is important not to be overwhelmed by all the options available, but to choose one or two. Each sport offers its own betting options.