The Advanced Screen For Your oppo A15s

Omo A15 is a stylish, compact and reasonably priced smartphone in the Indian markets. It has a powerful Android operating system, great user-friendly interface, attractive design and most importantly, some unique features. The Omo A series comes equipped with some unique features that stand out from the rest of the competition. The Omo A15s has an all-metal body, which makes it a nice looking phone. The manufacturer also provides a skin with a unique material that enhances the looks of the Omo A series. The Oppo A15S is an affordable budget phone from Oppo that boasts of mid-range features like a 6.4-inch HD+ screen, dual back camera, 2GB of RAM, 16GB memory, and a 13MP rear camera.

One of the unique features of the Oppo A15S is its  oppo a15sQuick Panel, which allows you to switch between different kinds of applications without switching the physical screen. Omo A’s unique Quick Panel allows you to use five applications at the same time without any interruption. When you are done with one application, you can simply remove it from the list using the handy shortcut found on the left of the quick panel. The Omo A series runs on a single hexa-core processor, which is an improvement over the earlier single-core processors. This helps in increased performance and better power efficiency.

The Oppo A15S has a primary camera which is a rear facing eight mega-pixel camera that is capable of taking high-quality photographs and videos. The Omo A series has a total of eight standard colors to choose from. If you want a particular look in your pictures, the Omo A series has a special version called Rainbow Silver which contains more color options. The rainbow silver color produces brighter and vivid images compared to the primary color.

As you check out the specifications of the Oppo A15S, you will find out that it has a total of eightGB of main memory along with a further fourGB RAM. In case, if you think that you might run out of memory in a hurry, you can increase the size of the hard drive installed in this a15s by purchasing the expandable card. The card can be easily inserted into the Omo A series even if you do not have a CD/DVD burner or flash drive. Another unique feature of the Omo A series is the Secure Digital card, which is also available in the market for a reduced price of less than twenty dollars. You can store hundreds of movies, songs and hundreds of files on this card without any reduction in the quality.

The Oppo A series is available with a high definition screen. It offers you crystal clear images as the display is 16 pixels by 12 pixels. The high definition screen gives you an enhanced sensation while viewing your images. There are no color distortions and you also get a panoramic view of the whole screen. This makes the viewing experience a joyous one.

There are plenty of advantages when it comes to the Omo A series. This series is not only known for its advanced technology, but it also provides you with the facility to save files easily. You can keep the images on your computer so that you can access them from any computer anywhere. You also have the option to transfer the images to your television using the USB cable, which is another added advantage of the Oppo A series.